How to Get Rid of Stink Bugs Using Repellents and Traps

Stink Bugs have a shield shaped body or an oval one. These tiny insects have a wide body that is as big as its length and can fly. The bug derives its name from the bad smell they release from chemicals coming out of their body, especially when they are threatened or under attack. The majority of the bugs are herbivorous, meaning they feed on plants and they can be a serious turmoil when they eat on plants and fruits and make them unfit to eat or sell. On the other hand, stink bugs can also protect crops from infestation by other pests such as beetles, caterpillars, and other dangerous insects.

These little bugs usually invade homes while looking for warmth. This typically takes place in the last months of fall or summer. They may enter a home through gaps or openings around doors and windows, wall foundation openings, walls of homes or cracks or attic vents. Stink bugs are some of the most difficult insects to eliminate in any home. However, there are a number repellants and traps that can help get rid of this irritating animals.

Close all the access points

If many bugs come into your home unnoticed, then this means there is a hole or an opening through which they pass. So, you need to find out where this entry point is. Some of the familiar places that they pass through include gaps and cracks near windows. Ceiling lights, exhaust fans as well as the backside of baseboards. You can use an adhesive so that they don’t come in.

Trap and catch the bugs yourself

Once you have closed all the entry points, the next thing you need to consider is stink bug control. To get rid of the bugs, just hand pick them. But make sure that you are using either a plastic bag, paper towel and throw them away into the drain, or if it’s in winter, just throw them out in the cold, and they will freeze almost instantly.

Use soap water

This is one of the best approaches to eliminating stink bugs, especially if they hide in walls and curtains. Fill a bucket with water and pour in some washing detergent or powder into the water. The next step is to place the soapy water under the bugs and know them down using a toothbrush and after you are done, throw the water away.


Vacuum cleaning

Another great technique of eliminating stink bugs is by vacuuming them. However, you need to change the vacuum bag on a regular basis so that the bugs don’t stay in the cleaner for long.

Use insecticide

You can spray the pesticides on the bugs, once they die and stop moving, sweep them up and flush them away. Although this method is excellent, the insecticide may have some drastic effects on your or your children, and more so those who have asthma.

High-quality screens

In summer, if you want some air to get into your home, you need to spend some considerable amount of money in high-quality screens to prevent not only bugs from getting into your home but also mosquitoes. You should ensure that you have fitted the filters correctly so that the stink bugs don’t find any entry point.

Destroy the bugs’ eggs

Stink bugs usually lay their eggs on green leaves, when the temperature is warm. Destroy the eggs once you see them in your yard or anywhere within your compound. As aforementioned, you may put the eggs in the soapy water. Another way is to trim down plants and trees that are infested with the bugs.

Use yellow traps

Yellow straps are sticky and can eliminate these tiny creatures. The stink bugs are in love with color yellow. So, put the yellow straps on any part of your garden and the bugs will fly to it and get stuck.


Use nicotine

This is where shredded cigarettes come in. Warm about three liters of water and put the cigarettes inside. Once the water changes to black, strain it and then add three tablespoons of washing detergent. Now, pour the solution in a bottle and spray it on the bugs.


Hairspray is known to paralyze the bugs. Once the bugs stop to move, pick them by hand and throw them into the dustbin.

Killing the stink bugs naturally

It is very easy to prepare a natural bug killer. You need to sprinkle some DE powder on the infected areas. The DE is very effective because it removed the lips from the exoskeleton of the bugs forcing it to die in a matter of seconds.

Using hot peppers

When you spray pepper on the stink bugs, they die instantly. What you need to do is to prepare the hot pepper solution, by throwing the peppers in water and then spray the solution on the bugs, it will burn the exoskeleton of the bug, and it will die.

Use garlic

Garlic has an unyielding smell that can scare away stink bugs and other insects as well. To prepare a garlic solution, take four tablespoons of garlic and pour them in two cups of water. Using a spray bottle, spray the solution on the areas infested with the bugs

Using alcohol

Mix two parts of water with a sing part of rubbing alcohol and spray the solutions on the bugs to get rid of them.

Herbal remedies for repelling stink bugs

Using Indian lilac oil

Pour about two tablespoons of the oil into a bowl with 100ml of water. Spray the mixture in all the areas that you think are infested with the bugs. For best results, use the solution for about one week.



To prepare a solution of mint, crush two teaspoons of mint or use about ten drops of liquid mint and pour it into three cups of water. Spray the solution in all the areas that are infected by the bugs.


Catnips have a strong odor that can scare away bugs from your home and garden. You can purchase the catnip from the local stores or grow them on your own. You only need to sprinkle them in your home or garden to get rid of the bugs.

Essential oils

You can use any essential oils to get rid of stink bugs. Just dilute the oil with water and spray them on the places with the bugs. The strong smells of the oil will make them leave your home for good.

Using pyrethrum

Crush some pyrethrum flowers until they are in powdered form and then add a few drops of liquid soap plus a cup of water. Put the solution in a spray bottle and spread it around your house. To protect your plants, you can spread the solution every morning.

Top 3 best repellent to get rid of stink bugs

Bed Bug Killer Spray

Although the market price for this spray is less than 20 dollars, this bug killer spray has risen to become one of the best sellers on Amazon and other sites. There are those who claim that the spray is not natural because it contains sodium lauryl sulfate, the truth is that most of the bugs killer spray either have Geranium Oil or Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. Other inactive ingredients in this bug killer include citric acid, distilled water, and Ethyl Lactate. Most of the active ingredients, however, are all natural.


However, this spray is very efficient and can get rid of the stink bugs from your home and wreck them. And the best thing about the killer spray is that it does not have any artificial odor or stains. Many customers have claimed that the spray works efficiently and it quickly got rid of the bugs once they used it. Others have said it is the best bed bug killer because it doesn’t have any smell like other repellents. For this spray to work effectively, you can as well combine it with other techniques.

Bed Bug Spray by Killer Green

If you are looking for the best non-toxic killer and threat of stink bugs that is 100 percent risk-free for your office or home, then you need to check out the Bed Bug Spray by Killer Green. This stink bug killer traps just like a powder and destroys any insect that comes in contact with it. It also works as a repellant for 14 days, letting you sleep in peace, without worrying about this tiny irritating creature.

In addition, you will find the price of the stink bug spray impressive; it only costs 19 dollars on the store. According to research was done on the spray recently, more than 99 percent of the stink bugs died within ten minutes during the initial test. This clearly shows you how powerful thing repellant is. Furthermore, when using the repellent, you don’t need to worry about any side effects because the stink bug spray is 100 percent safe with no after effects or any toxic substances. Apart from killing the stink bugs, the spray can also destroy their eggs, ensuring the every generation is completely wiped out. The residual effect of the replant takes about three weeks.


There are those who are asking if the product is safe for their kids and pets. The answer is YES. This product does not cause any allergy, or cause kids to sneeze and itch. That is not all, and the spray does not have any smell that is unpleasant and also does not dye surfaces. Many users have claimed that the stink bugs disappeared as soon as they started using the product

Ortho Home Defense Dual Action Bed Bug Killer

This aerosol spray is one of the best stink bug killers on the market. And it does get rid of stink bugs only, but it also kills dust mites, fleas as well as bed bugs,

What makes the product unique and different is the fact that it is the cheapest in the market, yet the most effective. It currently sells for less than 10 dollars. Just imagine, at such a price you can get rid of bugs, fleas, lice, ticks and their eggs out of your house for good. There are particular types of bugs that are resistant parathyroid. This product kills such bugs.

The top two traps to get rid of stink bugs

The climb

This is one of the best traps for those who are looking for an easy way to get rid of stink bugs from their homes. Just as the name indicates, this product catches the stink traps while they are climbing the lure. The traps are usually installed under each post of your or any other standing posts and then the stink bugs fall into the trap while trying to reach the source of heat or carbon dioxide. This trap is not scary at all, as a matter of fact, it is very effective. There is no way that the stink bugs can survive once they fall into this trap. There is no complaint from users, regarding this trap, meaning it is very efficient as well as safe.

Order BuggyBeds


Last but not least, there is the Order BuggyBeds trap. This product is a glue trap that comes with a substance that resembles the hormones of a human being. No one knows the ingredients used in the manufacture of this trap, but many users around the world have commended Order BuggyBeds for its effectiveness. Also, you can travel with the trap to anywhere you like. Its light weight makes it easily portable. Also, it is compact and simple to install. What you only need to do is to place the trap at strategic places where the stink bugs love to hang around. Therefore, if you happen to find yourself in an area infested with stink bugs, you do not need to worry because the Order BuggyBeds got your back. Therefore, there is no chance that you will ever experience issues with stink bugs ever again your life.