Get Rid Of Bats Easily (With Pictures)

Most people deem that bats are surreptitious creatures. These are mammals with an ability to fly. In some countries of the world, people believe bats to be a sign of superstitions more especially if they enter the house. In some situations, a person will surprisingly panic to see a bat in the house.
In a real sense, bats are beneficial to you as they will aid you get rid of harmful insects. Though, their presence can be disturbing to many as they make a squeaking noise and scratching from several places where they roost.
It is inhuman and prohibited to kill bats in many nations. Therefore, it is important to follow recommendable methods to chase them away if they have become hurting. In many cases, most people find it challenging while trying to send these mammals away as they may become aggressive mostly when they want to protect themselves. However, you need not be stressed when you know manageable methods that may not endanger you as you try getting them out.


Naturally a bat enters your house unintentionally, usually after the dark. This happens when you leave your doors and windows open, or they may enter from other openings such as chimney and other outlets on the exterior of your home. They may look huge while flying but they can manage to enter through small spaces.
Below are the procedures you will follow to get bats out of the house:

-Keep your children and pets in one room, so that their movements do not disrupt you while getting the bats out.
-Select one room in your house with a big door and window to get the bats out.
-Then, make sure that you guide the bats to that specific room you chose and send them out at once.
-Apart from the room you selected, lock the windows and doors of the other rooms.
-Turn on the lights in that room with bats and leave only one light that is not clear.
-Switch off the air conditioners and fans so that silence prevail the house.The reason for this is because bats use echolocation to navigate instead of sight.
-Then block all entry parts in the house apart from the door and window where you send the bats out.
-Ensure you do this in total silence. If there is a need, you can find another person to help you block the entrance.
-Now that you have blocked all the entries, and there is no any other scope that the bats can use back the house, begin narrowing flight areas while directing them to the opening and let them out.
In case you want to hold them, ensure that you wear a thick leather protective gloves. By doing so, you will be minimizing risks of being infected with a disease.
In a situation where you hold a bat, and there is no chance to let it go, cover it with a container and insert a cardboard under the container awhile the animal is inside.
Then take it far outdoors and allow it to go.
After ensuring that all the bats have gone, close the doors and windows through which you let them out. Then turn on the lights and allow the kids and pets to come out from where you locked them.

free bat


Getting rid of bats that roost on attic is a difficult task. Many try several methods to remove bats, but they never succeed moving all them out. What you need to do is to wait for the right time and apply the right methods that will best suit the scenario. By knowing the procedure needed, you will save much time, money and effort.

The followings are the steps and procedures when you want to evict bats from attic:

Conduct an investigation on how and when these mammals travel in and out of your home, the exact place where they reside, their behavior and damage they are causing.
Locate all the outlets that they use to enter the house. Even if the entries may seem small, make sure that you seal them leaving primary exit and entry spot.
Now that you have sealed entry point except the exit and entry areas fix these main areas with one-way exclusion device.
Ensure the exclusion device is set up well so that bats fly out naturally at the night. Once they have gone outside, they will not be able to get back through the primary entry.
Wait until you get an assurance that all the bats have gone outside. Typically, bats fly out at dusk and return at dawn.
When you get to know that all the bats are out, and they cannot manage to come back, close all the primary exit and entry.
Since your attic is now free from bats, wash the areas where they roosted. Remove all their left outs such as contamination, urine, and odor. This is worthy in ensuring that people are living int the house do not get health problems caused by these creatures.



Clearing these creatures from the chimney is not a difficult task. If other parts of your house like attic are free from bats apart from the smokestack, this implies that their existence is only in that particular area. Hence, a little hard work will give you desired results.

The method used to clear them from the chimney can be quite difficult if a colony resides there. Therefore, it is important to seek the help of an expert who knows how to install exclusion device in difficult places.

In clearing your the chimney off bats, you need to consider two key points:

After a successful bat exclusion, you should close the damper such that the bats will not come back and wander around the house.
Don’t start a fire while the animals are in the chimney. The reason is that you are required to open the damper to start file. The moment you open, they will enter the house. Moreover, if you start a fire, the bats will fly in the direction of the house. Also, this can result to other bats being killed. Bats trying to run away from the fire may enter the upper floor of he house and other parts, thus making your work even more difficult.
Also, make sure that you do not install the device at night, hoping that all the creatures will fly out during dusk. Usually, some fly out while others stay back. Therefore, it is good that you install the device and then wait all bats to fly out.

bats in chimney


Locate the exit point where the bats fly out. Keep in mind that they can exit through unexpected places such as gaps in between the chimney and the roof.
Fix a one-way exclusion device in order bats to fly out but never manage to get back in.
After ensuring that all these mammals are out, seal areas where there are gaps so that they cannot re-enter.


In some cases, your home may be free from bats, but the outdoors might be affected by these creatures, which affect you with a squeaking sound all the time. If you do not clear them well, they may soon become a threat in your house.

Below are the measures you should take in clearing bats from your outdoors:


Mostly bats consume insects. Therefore, you should ensure that nearby areas are insect free so that they will not be the reason to make bats wander around.

Dry wood:

Decomposed trees become homes for these creatures. Therefore, clear all trees that have tried up and wood masses and dump they in a garage. By this, you will manage to disrupt their potential residing place and force them to go away.

Standing waters:

If there is a small pond or standing water in your yard, where animals and birds bath, make sure you remove the water. If you cannot manage to remove the water, but you want to get rid of the bars, make sure that you cover the water sources totally to avoid any access by any creature. This will make the environment so unfriendly to bats.

Seal the exits and entries:

In recent past, you have excluded bats from your surroundings because they damaged your walls and windows, never close the holes immediately. Give them a maximum of seven days to get out safely. Once you have the assurance that all of them have left, then seal holes on glass boards, windows, and mesh screens, this is vital in getting rid of them permanently.

Clear left outs:

Conduct an investigation in your yard, barn, house and other places to get any evidence of bats residing still. Bat urine marks, droppings, rub marks, or squeaks are simple signs to tell you that bats still exist. Make sure to perfect all these signs and inspects points of their exit and entry. When you identifies areas, close them to hinder the bats from coming back.


Removing bats from the walls is not a simple task. Sometimes, it might turn out to be challenging to get them out alive as some may get trapped in the cracks of the wall. In this case, it is recommendable that you find a professional to help you handle this situation.

Here are the methods that can be used to remove bat from the walls:

1.Always investigate your walls where you think bats may exist.
2.Locate the entry and exit holes, especially where you identify rub marks and oil.
3.Try to know the time when they get out of the wall and in most cases it is during the dark.
4.Ensure that there is no bat trapped in the cracks or is existing on the wall.
5.Then, repair damaged areas and cracks with, bricks, wood or cement.
6.Use bat repellent sprays over the damages. You can also use cat or dog repellents because they do work.
7.You can also apply glass insulation layer onto the wall, floors, under roofs or even attic corners. This will irritate bats hence forcing them go away.

bat targeting system

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You can follow the following procedures to off your porch from bats:

1.Investigate the exit and entry points on the porch. Make sure that you note the key areas of entry and exit.
2.Then close all the entries apart from the primary entries.
3.Ensure all these creatures are out.
4.Put a square screen mesh on the porch. Check to find that all sides and the top of the mesh is tight and leave the bottom side free, to enable bats go out and never fly back in.
5.You can then wait for one or two weeks to see whether all bats went out.
6.Seal primary entry and exit points with wood, or caulk.


Bats become a great nuisance when they scratch and emit squeaking sounds especially when they roost in shutters. You can only use one method to evict them from the shutters, and this is by completely blocking their access to these areas. This approach will help send them away and never come back.

You can use the following methods to discourage them from coming back:


By exposing bats in bright lights, you make the environment unfavorable for them hence making them go away.


Before sending bats away from their roosting areas, you should ensure that is the right time. This is because, during their maternity period, young ones will not be able to fly which can lead to the death of many. Therefore, you should wait that time they are mature enough and send them away.

Bird Repellants:

You can also apply bad repellents that are sticky over the slats in the shutters. When bats enter the shutters, they will sense the stickiness and get discouraged from roosting.


Bats are mammals disliked by most people. They normally feed on insects, but they can cause diseases to human beings. Hence, it is not good to let them reside in your surrounding. To send them away and discourage them from coming back, you can use the above-discussed methods.If you cannot manage to send hem out, it is good to hire a qualified professional who will aid you in getting them out easily.

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