7 Tips for How To Get Rid of Lizards from your house

When it comes to our well-being and other related issues; people tend to look for the most convenient route to achieve their goals. The magic wand might not automatically give you answers on how to eliminate lizards from your house but this piece is a good place to start. It is important to mention that there are various ways to get rid of these pets. There is the natural means, the use of chemicals, the electronic method and so much more. 7 tips on how to get rid of lizards would be shared in no particular order. Do have fun as you glean the facts.

1. Use Poisons or Pesticides: Lizards do not thrive where insects have been completely eliminated. You can use various pesticides to achieve your goal; however, care must be taken to keep these out of the reach of children. Most insects have the ability to build immunity to a particular treatment so there must be the constant use of variation. It is important to state that you cannot apply this inside the house without taking requisite measures outside your home. It is ideal to strike a balance in the use of poisons both indoors and outdoors. The greater the area of coverage, the more you can win the war in eliminating Lizards from your vicinity.

2. Get a Cat: Cats are very good at decimating Lizard population. Traditionally, most people assume that a Cat only takes care of Rats but this is not the whole truth. Cats are predatory and have the ability to feed on Lizards when they come around your home. It is important to note that there might be exceptions to this rule. There has been observed situations where Cats are picky on the kind of food they eat. This includes their choice of not feeding on Lizards. However, with the right grooming of your Cat, you might not have a challenge in this area. Generally, Cats are good pets and allies that can work with you to keep your house free of pests.

how to get rid of lizards using cat

3. Egg Shells: The smell of Egg shells are quite repugnant to Lizards. It is advisable to change the Shells every 4 to 5 weeks. Most homes that use this method have found it to be cost-effective. You do not only enjoy the rich nutrients from the egg; you also use it as a repellent to Lizards. Ideally, in order not to send the wrong signal to your visitors; this can be kept discreetly at areas close to your doors and windows. It ensures that even when there might be cracks, the Lizards stay away due to the egg shells. There is a raging debate on the best kind of Egg shells to use both on the various Poultry birds. I would advice the use of the egg shell of a Chicken but you can experiment to find what makes the best fit for you.

egg shell

4. Use of Boxes: It is important to reiterate that how to eliminate Lizards from your house can throw up a few surprises. The use of cardboard boxes might not seem conventional but it can deliver good results. What you need to do is simply find where the Lizard is, get them into the box and throw them away. This method can appeal to those who might not want to kill the Lizards. Although, this system can help to get rid of these pests, it can be time consuming. However, if you feel that you can find an ideal plan to execute your aim; it remains a viable option to consider. Based on the overall use of Cardboard boxes, most of them do not give room for ventilation. This means that the Lizard must be disposed once it is caught in order not to let it die from suffocation.

5. The Feathers of Birds: Just as the case of Cats; Birds also feed on Lizards. This makes them wary of coming around anywhere they suspect the presence of birds. In order to make this work, you can become a bit creative. You may not need so much work to get it done but you can find ways to create good cluster of bird feathers. The sight of this device would scare Lizards away. Also, it is important to mention that the feathers must be positioned at a good height beyond the reach of your pets. What I mean is that your Cat or Dog might play around the feathers and dismantle them if it is too low. Most of the methods that has been proposed thus far is to keep you on the leading role of prevention. The use of these natural methods do not pose harm to your health or the environment.

6. How to get rid of lizards using Electronic pest repellent: There are different designs in this range but basically they have similar workings. They produce sound, vibrations and ultrasonic waves that keep Lizards at bay. The beauty of this device is that it can help you take care of bugs, flies and so much more. It is interesting to note that you need to make a little investment to set up this system but the reward is worth it. There has been some research to uncover the effects of these repellents to man. However, it has been observed that it does not really have any harmful impact on man. Based on the foregoing, you can also teach members of your family how to set it up. The repellents are compact and easy to operate. It is important to combine different methods if there is a need for it; in order to achieve the best results.

ultrasonic repell

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7. You can use Garlic and Onion: When it comes to how to eliminate Lizards from your house; this combination is powerful. The scent of these sauce is not appealing to Lizards. Beyond the fact that it is easy to grind and mix, you can also keep it in large quantity and use as occasion demands. Generally, most people who have used this method attest to its efficacy. You cannot go wrong when you take the bull by the horn with this solution. It is a smart move to make.