How To Get Rid Of Possums (Traps, Baits, Repellents)

It is natural for every individual’s backyard to be infested with various insects and pests that need to be eliminated. Fortunately, majority of them are not difficult to kill or very dangerous. However, there are those that you come across and become a source of ailments and dangerous for your pets and family. Possums are among this type, and that’s the reason why knowing how to get rid of them is a burning issue for majority of garden owners.

Also referred to as Didelphis virginiana, opossums are nocturnal creatures that are very flexible and can survive and adapt in many environments. They mostly prefer dark places and will build their homes inside sheds, garages, attics, and other places that shield them from the sun and other predators. If opossums are building a home out of your residence, you are bound to notice numerous burrows which have been dug beneath gardens, fields and also your house. Or, maybe, you found out that food for your pet is continuously disappearing. You might also notice that your garbage cans are turned over or garbage scattered all over you’re your lawn.


Additionally, when frightened, opossums can deliver a horrible bite. They are carriers of diseases like typhus and can also transmit parasites, which include fleas, roundworms and ticks. A possum, or opossum can become a nuisance if it invades your yard, however, you can eliminate it by keeping it far away from areas it is not wanted and basically making its life very unpleasant.

What is the procedure involved in eliminating possums?

Whenever there are signs of the appearance of possums anywhere close to your residence, you ought to come up with preventative measures. You should understand that prevention is the way out contrary to looking for the solution of how fast to eliminate nasty opossums in your yard. Prevention is usually the ideal approach. It does not require much. You should ensure your foods are kept indoors, buildings sealed and the area is kept clean. This will persuade the above creatures not to find entry into your attic, house, etc. However, the major problem is that majority of the preventative measures do not work. This is because these animals are extremely obtrusive and have numerous reasons to make use of your residence as their home. Below are ways of how to get rid of possums with traps, baits and repellents.

You should get rid of all shelters

Ensure you rake up the entire brush piles surrounding your property. This is among the simplest options of eliminating a number of possums in the yard. If there are a number of wood piles, it is better to store them inside a tight shelter or shade. Ensure all boathouses, woodsheds and garages are appropriately closed. Possums tend to hide underneath low decks hence the reason why you ought to secure them using a metal barrier.


You should fence your home properly

Woven wire or electric fencing is much used in the control of possums. How can you eliminate opossums fast? Use a fence with a height of four feet. The top foot should face outwards and far from the garden to prevent creatures from climbing over the fence. When you prefer to use electric fencing, the height of the fence ought to be three to four inches over the topmost part.



You should get rid of open spaces

Apart from your garden, it is also vital to look around your house for possible possum hideouts. An inviting hole or crack must be covered using a quarter inch grid screening. During some instances, insect screening is used above the vents. Repair any holes inside deck lattices, door screens and window screens.

Are possum repellents effective?

Nowadays, majority of repellent products have very minimal effect and should be applied in extreme concentrations, which is can prove rather hazardous. There are numerous poisons and repellents available in stores. However, 75 percent of them are not effective. They have a strong smell and some brands are very costly. Below are some effective and cheap repellents that you can test out in your yard.

  • Scat and D-Ter– They are extremely special powders diluted using water. When combined, they form a unique liquid spray. Solutions like these work on the basis of taste and smell of nasty creatures and it can be sprayed to the plants or around the affected area.


  • Mothballs– You should place them all over your garden hence helping you keep possums away. In numerous circumstances, this repellent is very effective.
  • Spikes– It is also among the most popular ways of eliminating possums. Majority of spikes are formed from clear polycarbonate. They have a length of 600mm; hence can be attached to various surfaces using nails, cable ties, screws or glue.


  • Ammonia– Pour a portion of ammonia inside a coffee can, comprising of an old rag into it. Immediately, the rag will begin to function as a wick diffusing the fumes. It is advisable that you place many cans as possible to get rid of the possums in your backyard.

You can choose to use baits to eliminate possums.

As you have noted, there are a number of ways that enable you to control possums. Even though these creatures run away, very soon they are likely to return, after you have used the repellent on them. During this time, baits come in handy. So, how can you catch these vicious creatures? They are incredibly simple to catch. Set up a 10 by 12 by 32 simple raccoon-sized trap or cage trap in areas where you have seen the animal itself or any damage. However, it is good to understand that you cannot bait it with almost anything. This is because they are opportunistic feeders and scavengers. But there are several baits that function better compared to others and avoid the catch of a house pet.

Ways to catch possums using possum traps.

When you desire to eliminate possums, putting traps is the ideal method to do it. After they have been trapped and eventually removed, they will never return, hence no probability that you will experience any issue with a similar animal again. However, there are probable risks that others might come. Nowadays, there are three major kinds of traps that will assist individuals who wish to know ways of getting rid of many possums around or underneath a house. Some of these traps include:

Leg-hold trapsLegHoldTraps

They are normally set where the creatures travel, not often beside trees. Rub the bait behind the rap so as to attract the opossums. Ensure the chain is linked to a strong object comprising of a minimal length as possible. Put it on the ground and get rid of anything surrounding the trap to avoid struggling animals from getting injured.

Live capture traps

They comprise of live capture cage traps which are accessible in a number of supply stores. Conventionally, they are applicable in urban areas with very high threats of possums. Simply leave the traps outdoors for a number of days prior to using them. Then, put up the traps close to the plants which were damaged by the above animals or adjacent to their runs. It is advisable that you set a trap on a rigid ground. The trap must face towards the direction that the creatures are likely to advance from. Fasten the bait (kiwifruit, apple, carrot) on the trigger and place the trap lifting the door and eventually holding it open. Include a trip pin farther away to avoid releasing the door.

Kill traps

They are seldom used. These cages are light in weight, inexpensive, but simple to set up and use. They are formed to effectively eliminate possums within a moderate-sized region such as gardens and backyards. A popular type of this trap is the Timms Kill traps. They are placed on rigid ground and secured by pegging towards it. If you have pets around and you do not wish to injure them, fasten the cage onto a fence, roof or tree. For this use, you can choose to drill into the sides of the trap, thread through a cord and fasten the cage onto a branch.trimms trap

Leg hold cages tend to grab the possums leg, whereas the kill traps kill an animal by choking it to death. While selecting a trap, go for a live capture one. When the creature is caught, it must be removed as soon as possible. Simply carry a trap using a car or truck at approximately five to six miles farther away from your garden or house, and open up the cage there. The creature will leave the trap immediately it is opened and make sure that you will not take sight of it again. This is a humane method of getting rid of such animals from your life, while at the same time saving theirs.

Ensure you get rid of the possum’s food sources.

Since possums can and will often feed on nearly anything they come across and can stay alive in just about any environment, you should not offer them a reason to live on your property. Pet food left inside bowls outdoors on porches or in the garden are ideal sources of food for animals like opossums.


Ensure pet food is kept indoors or inside secure areas unreachable by possums. Garbage cans offer a great source for acquiring food easily too. By using metallic garbage cans which are easily and tightly secured with a lid is an ideal way of discouraging the opossums from entering inside the garbage cans. Garbage cans made from plastic material and which are tightly secured using a lid might not be efficient since possums can chew into them to reach to the food and leftovers. If you have grown fruit trees around your property, ensure you take every day walks around the trees and pick any fruits that have fallen onto the ground.

You can seal up their entry routes.

Find the areas surrounding your house where opossums can easily access like holes beneath sheds and porches. It is advisable to wait patiently until during the night when the creatures have left their dens to close the entrances they make use of to gain entry to your home. Possums love dark places, therefore, they might prefer to reside inside thick bushes that offer them protection from these elements as well as other predators. Maintain and trim bushes and shrubs often around your home to prevent possums from finding areas to set up their dens inside the vegetation.

Ensure the possum is miserable.

You do not have to harm a possum to make it leave your yard or home. Just ensure that you make its life very uncomfortable. Make sure the lids on the garbage cans are tightly closed, and always collect all the pet food before darkness so as there are no remains to attract possums. Choosing to add motion-sensitive sprinklers and lights will drive away the possum from your yard or home. Also, setting up a radio close to its sleeping spot will send away possums. Suspend an old nylon stocking dipped in liquid seaweed to keep opossums away from your fruit trees and home. This creature does not like the smell emanating from seaweed.


Prevent it from climbing up.

By using a barrier, you can eliminate an opossum living inside an attic, roof, or any other high spot by blocking the creature’s access. Quite frequently, a high-living opossum makes use of a tree to gain entrance to its favorite sleeping area, or maybe it climbs on top of a bird feeder to acquire birdseed or create a nuisance of itself. Stop this invader by wrapping a band measuring about 2 feet in width onto the roof flashing or any flexible metallic sheet metal. The band should surround the poles and trees the possum might choose to climb. Plus, you can also trim all branches so that none of them touches the rooftop of your house. This deters the creature from moving any further.

Select any of the above solutions which are optimal for you and incorporate them to discourage these vicious creatures from gaining entrance into your yard or property any more.