Bedbug Checklist If You’re Infested

Insect or bug infestation is one of the worst nightmares, especially if you just purchased a new home. Little did you know that you will get free roommates along with your new house. No one wants bugs crawling around their home and that is why it is so important to prevent an infestation before it is too late. Some people think that cockroaches, ants and fleas are the only things that can infest your living space, however, there are plenty of other species that are not so easy to spot and they can become a really big pain to get rid of. One such sneaky bug is a bedbug. We all know that saying “Don’t let the bedbugs bite”, and in some cases it can literally become an issue that will keep you up all night weather you like it or not.

Why is this particular little insect so much stealthier then all of the rest. First, they have flat bodies and they are very tiny, so unless you are blessed with an excellent vision you won’t spot a single bug. They are not targeting your home and most infestation will target on you. Moreover, they can get caught up in your pet’s fur, or stuck on your shoe, simply said they are the passive travelers which then start their own colonies in their new surrounding.
Do not panic just yet. There are a few different methods that you can try out to check your house or battle the problem if it is already existing. Bedbugs are nocturnal animals, so you won’t find them roaming around during the day. They feed and live during the night. Now of course, if you already have bedbugs living in your house you might have experienced a nasty bite that leaves red markings on the skin and you get a bonus itch as well. The easiest way to check your house is to monitor certain areas.

Make a plan or a checklist which you can maintain for a week.The list should consist of these points:
1. Every time you are vacuuming inspect all the corners thoroughly.
2. Look for live bugs, eggs, or leftovers. Young lings are mostly yellow and fully grown bugs are either red or brown.
3. Check potential cracks around the windows and doors and make sure to cover them as best as you can.
4. Inspect your sheets for red, rusty like stains


However, to beat the bug you must think like a bug. The easiest way to spot them is to check their favorite living areas. Just like most insects, they also like moist places.
Areas you should pay special attention to:
1. Pipes and drains
2. Cozy furniture – inspect cushions and wooden frames
3. Beds – make sure to check all the bedding, the frames and mattresses
4. Pet supplies and bedding sets

You know what they say it is better to be safe then sorry, so even if you are not infested you can always use “just in case” prevention methods. Interesting fact about bedbugs is that they can live in almost any condition, where it is good for you, it is also good for them. Keeping that in mind, if you travel a lot, or like the outdoors. Always make sure to inspect before you enter the house.
Items you should be cautious about:
1. Clothes and shoes – as we already mentioned they can easily hide
2. Inspect your pet’s fur
3. Bags and luggage
4. Any additional items – camping equipment etc.

As we already mentioned, they like to travel along, so wash your clothes and your bedding on a regular basis. If you still fear that you might have a bedbug problem and even though you checked everything twice and you are still not so sure, try a good natural trick that works like a charm. Instead of reaching for the all in one solution, pesticide, try the natural hide and seek method. Pesticide is completely unnecessary if you are only doing a regular check, it is mostly used if the infestation is already very evolved. If you have pets or little children the last thing you want in your house, along with bugs, are chemicals. All Insects generally hate rosemary and lavender so get a little spraying bottle put some essential oils along with some water and alcohol. Shake it well and spray all of the suspicious places. Not only it will repel the bugs, but it will make your house smell incredibly well. Just remember, bedbugs are easy to find if you know where to look.

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