How To Choose Bed Bug Mattress Covers

When bed bugs get into your mattress, they form a colony and it’s very hard to get rid of that infestation. You may spray the mattress and it will still not get rid of the eggs which will hatch and begin the infestation all over again. So the best way to fight bed bugs is to prevent them getting into your mattress altogether. For this, you will need a bed bug mattress cover. This serves as a guide how to choose bed bug mattress covers.

1- Think Comfort: Yes, you want to keep bed bugs out of your mattress but remember you also want to sleep on that same mattress so look for a bed bug mattress cover that will not compromise your sleep. For example a mattress cover made from leather may end up getting hot and sticky during hot nights which will be very uncomfortable and one that is slippery will have your sheet moving out of place and getting ruffled as you sleep. So before you choose one try and see how comfortable it will be on your bed.

2- Go for recognized brands: It is a safe bet that recognized bed bug mattress cover brands will be high performers. Find out what people are saying about the different covers out there. See how the covers are rated in customer reviews and even ask people who may know about them. It is less time consuming if you already have an idea of what you would like to buy because that means you will not waste time looking at other brands that may not be as good as the ones that are already proven. But obviously if you have the time to experiment, then go right ahead.


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3- Get the Material Right: Remember you want to keep the bedbugs out of the mattress so the material used for the cover should be one that will actually do that. Certain materials are thin with a chance that after a few months of use they may become porous and bedbugs especially small ones may be able to push their way through and make a nice hideout. At the same time like discussed in number one, certain materials like leather do not breath well so even if they do not let anything through, they are not comfortable. Cotton and polyester make good material for bedbug covers.


4- Size matters: It is best that you choose a bedbug cover that makes a tight fit and covers up every inch. You do not want it to be too big or not big enough such that some parts may be exposed. Take the measurements of your mattress and then find a mattress cover that fits snugly over the mattress.

5- Consider Allergies: A number of people are allergic to certain materials. If you are allergic to anything take that into consideration and when you go off to buy a mattress cover inquire from the dealer if any chemical or material you are allergic to may have been used to make the mattress cover.

6- Price: Money is everyone’s biggest concern and most people have budgets so when choosing a bed bug mattress cover take into consideration how much you are ready to pay. Keep in mind the fact that the better the quality, the more the price so if you want the best you should be ready to spend more. Also, Cotton will be more expensive than polyester and a mixed fabric may be more expensive than the two though some cotton covers are the most expensive in the market.

7- No Pockets: Not that there are bedbug mattress covers that come with pockets like a pair of trousers, but sometimes things like labels or seam designs may end up acting as pockets. If such things are there on the cover then it may not serve the purpose since it will provide a safe escape for the bed bugs. Look out for such features before you pay for the cover.

8- Who is going to use it: If you have kids and you are buying the bedbug mattress cover for them, you may want to consider finding a mattress cover that will be easy to wash. Children can pour juice on the bed, wet the bed at night or just decide it is a good idea to drag the mattress out in the garden. For such situations, you will want to be able to wash the mattress cover easily and not compromise how long it will be of use to you.

If you follow these tips you will find a good bedbug mattress cover that will keep those pests out of the mattress.

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