Top 5 Ways To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs Bites

Bedbug infestation can be very annoying problem and not easy to identify. Although they do not cause a serious medical problem, bedbugs can lead to many restless nights and irritating sleep times. The most troubling thing about their presence is their annoying, painful bites. In this article, we will not concentrate on how to remove the bedbugs themselves, but we will focus on another side of the problem-how to treat the painful bedbug bites and get rid of them.

Identify The Bites:

You might be confused now, but let’s clarify. A bedbug’s bite isn’t easily differentiated from any other bug’s. Even a doctor can’t identify their bites by simply looking at them. The most distinct property you might notice, however, is the presence of multiple bites in a zigzag form, you won’t find one bite by itself. On the contrary, the bites take the shape of ‘clusters’ zigzagging on your body, with each cluster containing 3 to 5 bites. A bedbug’s bite takes the form of an itchy swell.


And because it can be confusing to determine whether it’s a bedbug that bit you or not, it’s best to look for their signs first where you sleep. Things like a sweet smell around your room (some of you might not be able to smell it), tiny blood specks on your bed sheets, bedbug eggs or blackish specks-these are all signs of a heavy bedbug infestation. Just look and search carefully. If you still can’t make sure or if you need more confirmation, it’s best to visit a dermatologist to make sure and he’ll also give you something to relieve the itching.

Please note that if your problem aren’t just bites, or if you’re suffering from an allergic reaction or any similar serious problems, you have to go to see a doctor immediately. However, if we’re just talking about the bites, then there are several ways to treat them on your own. We shall mention 5 ways of them.

1. Treating Bedbug Bites with OTC Medications:

If you’re sure that your bites were caused by bedbugs, next comes the stage of treating the bites. You’ll notice that the bites are quite itchy which encourages scratching, so do your best to treat the bites as soon as you can. Scratching can lead to skin infections which can lead to more serious problems.

There are plenty of OTC medications which can help relieve the itching and treat the bites in the same time. A steroidal anti-itch cream containing cortisone or hydro-cortisone can do the trick-just make sure to apply the cream correctly and follow the instructions closely. To make sure that your skin remains dry during the treatment and to protect it from external environment, use a soothing calamine lotion. If you need to use any pain relievers, ibuprofen or naproxen are recommended.ibuprofen

2. Using Natural Astringents:

Another approach to treating your bites using natural ingredients is to use natural astringents such as lemon juice or witch hazel. They will be able to dry out the bites and control the itching until the skin heals. To do this, dip a cotton in either of these and rub gently on where the bites are.
lemon juice

3. Using White Vinegar:

You may have heard of people using vinegar to treat acne before, and it really works. The theory of action is that vinegar is composed of mild acetic acid, which helps dry out the bites and also kill any germs or bacteria around the area. Like the previous method, dip a cotton in some vinegar and rub it on the rash. Be aware that it might sting a little but that’s fine. The results show up quickly to make up for this.

4. Aloe Gel For Treatment:

The aloe plant has great anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, which can make it a great anti-septic. Buy an aloe gel from the nearest pharmacy or drug store and rub it on the bites to help reduce their size and control the itching.
aloe vera gel

5. With A Paste of Baking Soda and Water:

The idea of drying out the bites seems to work most effectively, and there’s another way of doing it. Add about two teaspoons of baking soda to a tablespoon of water-or you can use any amounts you like; just make sure that the amounts are suitable to form a thick paste. Once ready, apply it carefully on the bites and leave it to dry. You can wash it after an hour or so with warm water.
baking soda

While bedbugs bites aren’t exactly serious, they are best treated as soon as possible before they cause any complications. And with such simple, easy ways of treating them, one could have no excuse for leaving them without treatment.

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