Signs Of Cockroach Infestation

Cockroaches are known to be nocturnal insects and are rarely seen in daylight. They prefer to stay and hide out in dark places, away from the prying public eye. Cockroaches are also very resilient insects which do not easily die. Some researchers have even suggested that they can survive a nuclear explosion, a subject that is still up for debate.These pests thrive in dirty places and any home that is untidy is likely to be infested with them. As do most pests, they multiply at an alarming rate and may be a source of discomfort in your home. Imagine opening your kitchen drawer and you find all these multiple brown insects crawling around. Make no mistake, you might even be left face down when you have visitors and they are all over the place. The best remedy is to keep your house very clean but incase it’s already infested with these stubborn insects, you need exterminate them as soon as possible. So here are a few telltale signs that your home is infested with cockroaches:

1.Seeing a few cockroaches roaming around your house in broad daylight is a sign of serious infestation. Why would nocturnal insects be crawling around during the day unless they feel very comfortable? It only goes to show you that they have been there for some time and have considerably increased in number. The best step for you to take is to choose the best method to exterminate them. If you check all the dark places in your house you will be surprised at what you will find. Cockroaches coming out to play during the day is a really bad sign and that alone should be a call to action.


2. Cockroaches emit an unpleasant odor, similar to that which comes out of an abandoned house. When you notice this smell, your house has a serious infestation. The odor will be very strong depending on how many there are. This is enough indication that you need to act to clear them from your house.

3.If you notice fecal droppings, usually small and black in color, then you are harboring a lot of roaches in your home. The higher the number of fecal droppings the higher the number of roaches present. When cockroaches are present in a small number it’s usually very difficult to notice the droppings. So get acting and clear your house of the stubborn pests because they have found a home and have no plans of moving.


4.Another sign of cockroach infestation in your home is the presence of egg casings. These pests usually produce egg casings that hold several eggs within them. This is also the reason why they are able to reproduce so fast. The casings are usually brownish in color and you’ll be able to see them around the house, either in clusters or singly. This is another very common sign that cockroaches have infested your home.

5.Presence of dead cockroaches is usually another sign of infestation. You will notice them on the floor or when you open drawers. The live ones as usual prefer to stay in the dark and so you might not see them. Finding dead roaches in your house is a clear indication of a bigger number of live ones present in the house.

Cockroaches are very stubborn pests. There may be more signs of infestation but these are the most common ones. These insects will turn your home into their own within a very short time. The best way of keeping roaches out of your house is maintaining very high levels of cleanliness since they thrive in dirty places. When performing routine cleaning around the house, ensure that you clean even the areas that are not normally easily accessed. This will discourage piling of dirt in these areas, a very high attraction for cockroaches. Once you notice these signs in your home then you are most likely hosting so many cockroaches and you need to move fast to get rid of them. This task is not usually easy especially if they have multiplied in number but still it can be done. The best prevention measure is to keep your home clean at all times since they don’t thrive in tidy places.

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