The Best Ways To Kill Roaches Naturally

Roaches also called cockroaches are insects that fall under the order of Blattaria, and there are four common species termed as pests. These pest species include; American cockroach, Oriental cockroach, German cockroach and Asian cockroach. Roaches like human habitats and a majority of them make their homes in where people live. Their saliva contains harmful microbes hence they can spread their saliva to anything they come across thus they can damper with your books, contaminate your food, destroy your wallpapers and electronics. Other species spread germs and diseases to human beings, so there is a need to evict them permanently and naturally out of your house. There are many methods to eradicate roaches from your house like the use of bait, trap and building a barrier, but I consider the natural way as the best and safest method of killing roaches. Below are some of the best ways to kill roaches naturally:

Baking Powder and Sugar Mixture.

baking sugar

The use of baking powder and sugar is the easiest method since all the requirements are readily available also the procedure is very simple since equal ratios of the two items are necessary. The items are mixture thoroughly and then spread them specifically in regions that are infested mostly with roaches. The common baking powder is a base and when roaches consume the mixture this basic component reacts with acids in roach’s stomach causing bloat hence killing it.

Water and Soap solution.


The normal bathing soap mixed with some amount of water is another natural way. The solution of the mixture is sprayed directly to a dense collection of cockroaches. Hence, this solution will block the pores that they use for breathing causing suffocation and immediate death.

Mixing of Onion, Garlic, and Pepper.

Use single garlic glove, a small amount of grinned pepper paper and onion squeezed into a container of water but depends on the amount of solution you require and the number of roaches available. Also, liquid soap equal size to tablespoon may be added to catalyze the solution and smear all over areas where roaches have infested, and the irritating odor of the solution will make them escape from the house.

Use of Petroleum Jelly.


This method applies to most of the people in various places worldwide. An open and wide mouth jar is used where petroleum jelly is smeared on the inner side almost close to the mouth of the jar and place leftovers of food or fruits covers for banana inside the jar. The odor of bananas will attract their attention and they will be trapped by petroleum jelly located on the rim. The next day you put them in a container with soap solution to kill them. This method is done mostly on the night, and the jar placed where roaches are highly populated ie. in the kitchen.

Ammonia solution.


This method is recommended to be done after every week or two weeks depending on the population of roaches. At least two or more cups of ammonia are mixed with water in a basin and then sprinkle on all areas infested with roaches. The odor of ammonia is very irritating hence it will get rid of them permanently.
Hence after applying these ways it is recommended to take a step forward in avoiding roaches re-infesting on the same areas in the house, and you can destroy their nests. These are the proved and the best ways to kill roaches naturally and permanently. Try them today!

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