How to Get Rid of Fleas Naturally

If you have noticed a larger than usual number of fleas on your pets or otherwise around your home, it’s probably because of the warmer weather. Regardless, if you want to get rid of them without the concerns about harsh chemicals, the news is good. You can get rid of fleas naturally. Here’s how to do it.

Wash it. Thoroughly wash anything that your pets tend to lay on. It doesn’t even have to be pet bedding specifically. Even if it might be a towel, mat, small rug, or other surface covering, put it into the washing machine for a good cleaning. Even it’s something that shouldn’t be washed or would be difficult to do, throw it into a hot dryer for 15 to 20 minutes. This will kill fleas regardless of their stage of development, adults, larvae, and eggs.

wash bedding

Vacuum. Pets don’t just spend their time on bedding. Unfortunately, they can make their way into virtually every area of your home. As a result, you should vacuum everywhere, especially areas that don’t get much if any exposure to direct sunlight. Fleas like places that are cool and humid. Even your upholstered furniture is fair game for fleas. Before you vacuum, sprinkle surfaces with baking soda or borax, then work it in to the surface with a broom. Now, leave it there for a few hours. This will cause flea eggs to dry out and easier to remove with a vacuum.


Dehumidify. Fleas need the humidity of their living space to be at least 50 percent humidity. If you can reduce the humidity of your home to less than 50 percent for at least a couple of days, adult fleas and their larvae will day. Further, their eggs won’t hatch. After you have finished this, vacuum everything to see fleas packing.

Clean. Clean areas where your pet hangs out, even those outdoors. Trim your lawn and weeds shorter than usual to expose underneath areas to warmer temperatures. If this doesn’t work, just keep your pet from spending any time in those areas.

Bathe Your Pet. It will do little good to get rid of fleas around your home if the chief instigator continues to provide a place for them to grow. As a result, bathe your pet in warm water using a gentle soap. There are a number of excellent pet soaps available that aim at killing fleas. Otherwise, Head and Shoulders shampoo is a good choice because of its high acid content. As you bathe your pet, watch for fleas that drop off into the water. Chances are good that you will see a number of them fall off in this process, but be sure to look deep onto your pet’s coat to make sure that you don’t leave any that might be stunned.

bathe dog

Natural Flea Dip. If you want a natural flea drip, take two cups of Rosemary, boiled in fresh water for 30 minutes. After this has cooled, strain out the leaves, then mix it with a gallon of warm water. Pour this infusion over your pet and allow it to air dry, Don’t wash off the mixture.

Comb. You can quickly evaluate your success at beating fleas if you use a flea comb or any other type of fine-toothed comb to check your pet. If you find adults or larvae, repeat this procedure. This method is suggested to clean most of the fleas out in the first time then combine with other methods.


Make a Flea Collar. If you want to avoid commercial chemicals, make your own flea collar for your pet by applying a few drops of tea tree oil, Eucalyptus oil, citronella, lavender, or geranium. This should be done weekly for maximum effect. Do not use essential oils on a cat. There is a chance that if you use essential oils on a cat they could be inhaled or ingested, which will overload a cat’s system.

Use Pennyroyal. Pennyroyal is a natural that discourages fleas. Plant Pennyroyal in pots around your house for maximum effect. Do not, however, use Pennyroyal if your pet tends to eat plants.


Use Natural Sprays. Natural sprays such as those made from lemons and vinegar are good for discouraging fleas. Boil a few lemon slices to make an infusion, then after cooling, fill a spray container to use on pets. Don’t saturate them, but lightly cover their coats with the spray and pat dry. A vinegar and water mix is also good for this purpose.


Search For Them. After you are done with all of these treatments, you will want to ensure that fleas stay away. You can do this by filling a small bowl with soapy water then put a candle in the middle of it. After that leave it in someplace where fleas are a problem. The warm light will attract fleas, but once in the water, the soap will keep them there. Replace the bowl and water every few days.

candle flea trap

Once you have gotten rid of your flea problem, it’s all a matter of maintenance. Of course, some times of the year the infestation are more than others, but by observing these precautions, you will be able to keep fleas at bay.

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