Natural Ways To Combat Fleas

A flea is a tiny, wingless pest that typically survives by piercing the skin of mammals and sucking their blood. Apparently, even a single flea can ultimately wreak havoc in your abode. Consequently, if you’ve discovered that you’re getting more and more flea infestation in and around the house, but do not want to use chemicals in your abode, utilize these Natural Ways To Combat Fleas.

Eliminate flea infestation in your yard

Fleas thrive perfectly well under shady conditions, and hence shady areas in the yard are susceptible to flea infestation. Use eucalyptus mulch or cedar in landscaped spots to discourage them from sticking around. You should also spray beneficial nematodes on the grass because it balances the soil and eliminates the flea larvae.
Slat remedy to combat fleas
Salt can really combat tough fleas, especially on carpets. Salt works by becoming a dehydrating agent for fleas, making their bodies to dry out. Here’s what you should do with salt.

– Table salt or any other of type of sea salt can work. You will, however, need lots of salt depending on the total size of the area you want to sprinkle salt to expend fleas.
– You’ll also need a large spice bottle, preferably with a shaker top.

– First and foremost, figure out whether the salt is finely crushed or not.
– Fill the spice bottle up with finely ground salt, and leave a small space on the top to allow for shaking. Sprinkle your salt from it.
– Sprinkle your salt over the carpets in each and every room. Make sure that the salt covers the area evenly.
– Leave it to settle for at least 12-48 hours
– After about one or two days, vacuum the room thoroughly.


Vacuum everywhere

You should particularly vacuum areas that do not get much exposure to natural light, such as areas where you’re likely to get dried feces and blood. Prior to vacuuming your carpets, it’s noteworthy to sprinkle some salt, baking or borax soda throughout. Use a flea broom to work it into the base of your carpet. Allow it to settle for a few hours; these powders make the flea eggs that are slipped into your carpet to dry out.
Caution: Do not let your pets stroll on your carpet during this time, because they might come across some stuff on the carpet and lick it off, making them sick. If there’s a high chance your pet will walk the carpet during this time, utilize baking soda and be detailed when working into the base of your carpet. This way, it does not sit on the surface and slip on the pet’s paws.

Furthermore, seal the vacuum bag in a plastic bag when it’s full. Remember to dump it in a sealed trash container, and outside the house. Otherwise, the little buggers might sneak out and reestablish themselves again.


Do a thorough cleaning
First, throw all pet bedding in the washing machine and wash them thoroughly. Make sure to include everything that the pet likes to frequently sleep or lie on which is not always meant to serve as pet bedding. A hot dryer kills eggs, larvae, as well as adults.

It’s also impeccable to give your pet a thorough cleaning during this time. Utilize any gentle shampoo for this purpose. Start with the neck, so the fleas won’t jump up towards the head during the bath. Be very detailed, since you will probably see dozens of fleas come off and float on the water, making you think it’s over. Alternatively, make sure to wash your kitten in the shoulders and head using natural anti-dandruff shampoo. The shampoo contains acid that exterminates fleas.

Prepare your own home made spray
This approach won’t kill existing fleas or eggs, yet spraying it on pets early in the year helps prevent fleas completely. Fleas spend the most part of their time off their host, and hence this helps ensure that they do not return. Both citrus oil and lavender oil repel fleas, and they’re natural and harmless to your pets.

Lavender oil can be somewhat harmful for cats, though. So, you’ve to avoid using it on cats. Lavender oil contains a calming effect on dogs. Consequently, you may discover your dog is more relaxed.
– 3 cups of water
– 6 lemons
– 50 drops of lavender essential oil

1. Slice your lemons into some thin round pieces with the skin intact. Add the lemon slices on a pot filled with water, and then bring the water to a boil. Detach it from heat and allow to sit overnight
2. Rinse the liquid into the spray bottle, and then add a few drops of lavender oil
3. Spray the resulting mixture on your dog after bath or whenever he goes outside. You can similarly soak or spray his collar in the liquid to make your own flea collar. Additionally, the mixture can be sprayed on carpeting, furniture, rugs and yard to prevent fleas from settling in.

Integrate pennyroyal use
Pennyroyal oil discourages flea infestation. You need to plant it around the house. However, avoid its use if you’ve children around the house or if your pets love eating plants. It could be perilous.

Final verdict
It’s worth the effort to deter flea infestation through natural approaches both in/around the home and on your carpet. Remember, use of pesticides isn’t ideal because they’re toxic, hormone disrupting compounds. Consequently, it’s imperative to avoid any pesticide exposure as humanly as possible, especially in and around your home where you’ve kids and pets spending the better part of their time living, sleeping and breathing!

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